ILQ Test Drive

Eww, we drank toilet water?!

Did we really just drink toilet water???


Is this some kind of joke?? Did we really drink toilet water? You'll have to watch the video to find out! 

Boys vs. girls: How to use Japanese products (A DIY facelift and more!)

ILQ Test Drive: Boys vs. girls - How to use Japanese products from Daiso!


This week on the ILQ Test Drive, we try crazy DIY Japanese products from Daiso! Click here to watch the video!

War of the Words: English language showdown!

ILQ Test Drive: War of the Words (US, UK, Canada, Australia)


This week on the ILQ Test Drive witness the showdown between the US, UK, Canada, and Australia as they discuss the nuances of the English language.

In this week’s ILQ Test Drive, the team gets together and throws around some English words! Did you know that the English language isn’t spoken the same way in many different countries?

What are some different variations of words in English that you know about? Comment below!

WE TRIED BRITISH SNACKS! (Jaffa Cakes and more!!)

ILQ Test Drive: We tried British snacks! (Marmite and Jaffa Cakes??)


We're back with another episode of trying weird stuff! Check it out for some laughs!

DIY Japanese Candy-Sushi???

ILQ Test Drive: DIY Japanese candy-sushi???


Check out the latest episode of our Test Drive. We tried something truly weird in this one! 

You Laugh, You Lose: The ILQ Edition



In this week’s Test Drive, ILQ takes on the NO LAUGHING challenge! You laugh, you lose!  It’s a lot harder than it looks! The ILQ team cracks horrible jokes and tries not to laugh at how bad they are! 

This week’s episode also features our very own in-house foodie from the land down under, Mama Baba Ghanoush AND The Geeky Amreeki! Check out the video for a really good laugh, and share it with your friends!

Australian snacks: Omg, we ate kangaroo and emu!?!?

ILQ Test Drive: We ate kangaroo and emu?!


This week on the ILQ Test Drive, we try snacks from the ‘Land Down Under’, also known as Australia! Watch it here!

We're 'BUGGING' out over these bizarre Korean snacks!!!

The ILQ Test Drive BUGS out over bizarre Korean snacks!!


Can we stomach these freaky finds from Korea??? Click here to find out!

Going maritime with snacks from Nova Scotia, Canada!

The ILQ Test Drive tries Maritime snacks from Nova Scotia!


You might have seen our Canadian snacks Test Drive, but in our latest episode the team experiences the flavors of Nova Scotia - a small eastern and maritime Canadian province! 

Obrigado Brazil! Trying food from the land of Carnival!

The ILQ Test Drive tries exotic food from Brazil!


Have you ever tried Brazilian food? In our latest episode of the Test Drive the team experiences the exotic flavors of Ipanema!