Happy Int'l Labor Day Qatar | يوم عمال عالمي سعيد

Happy Int'l Labor Day Qatar | يوم عمال عالمي سعيد

In appreciation of all guest workers in #Qatar, Happy International Labor Day!
World First!! Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra do the Mannequin Challenge in style

World's First! Qatar Philharmonic Concert does the Mannequin Challenge!


You know that Qatar just had to do the Mannequin Challenge elegantly. The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra performed My Eyes during Dana Al Fardan's concert "Sandstorm" and we had to hit the pause button.

Filmed in the beautiful Opera Hall at Katara (Qatar's Culture Village). 

The Qatar Philharmonic Orchestra looks like they're frozen in time in this world's first! 

Filmed and Edited by Alex Klim -

Another awesome project by 

Doha Qatar ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - We challenge three cities!

Doha Qatar ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - We challenge three cities!



So here's the deal, we decided to do something cool; a 'city challenge'. In just a day we managed to put the word out and got a great turn out of over 100 people who poured in to support the cause.


The THREE cities we challenged are DUBAI, MANILA, and BEIRUT. If you're from there, make sure to spread the word. You have THREE days to respond. (We wanted to give you time to get the word out).


Mr. Q ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Qatar - Fun

Mr. Q ALS Ice Bucket Challenge - Qatar - Fun


Youtube video:

I've been called out by quite a lot of people but the first to do the challenge and then challenge me was Anas Ghanim. Here's my response!

Send a tweet to who I've challenged and get them to take up the challenge

Funny man Hamad Al Amari

QF Radio Rise hosts: Laura Finnerty and Scotty Boyes


Qataris Pledge to Challenge Cancer



These Qataris have pledged to challenge cancer. One of the most basic things we can do is to live a healthier lifestyle, but it's also about awareness and spreading the word. You can spread the word too by just hitting that like and share button.

Help Challenge Cancer!

WORLD WITHIN A SONG (Official Video) Made in Qatar

WORLD WITHIN A SONG (Official Video) Made in Qatar


Within the context of our intentions to exhibit the 'Undying Unity of the Human Spirit and Music's Inherent Ability to Unite Across Borders and Cultures' Record On Studios, Qatar was inspired to create a theme song in tribute to our adopted home; Qatar. The day was the 16th of September 2012.
The paradigm was set to provide an opportunity to upcoming talent who shared the same passion which was the theme of the project. Adventure, Creativity, Challenges & Mind-blowing Discoveries later; WORLD WITHIN A SONG was born.

الحلقة الأولى

Episode One - Sealine Style


Rashood is doing everything BUT paying attention to his driving. Guess what happens?

Can you recognize where this is? ;)

Qatar National Day 2013: Building Together

Building Qatar Together

8,023 made this short film to show how different segments of society join forces on a daily basis to help make Qatar a better place.

Special thanks to all our super awesome actors for helping us to make this video possible!

Check out for all the events happening.

Thank you everyone.


Why Volunteer with INJAZ Qatar ?

Why Volunteer with INJAZ Qatar ?



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One Moment - MUST WATCH (I actually went woooah)

One Moment - MUST WATCH (I actually went woooah)


'One Moment' is a short film produced in Doha, Qatar by filmmaker Alex Klim (Violin Dreams in Qatar, The Beauty of Souq Waqif). It tells a very strong and emotional story of a young couple spending a day on the beach together. Everything seems perfect until the moment they say goodbye to each other, where the story takes an unexpected drama turn...

This fantastic video was created by Alex Klim, check out his site at