WORLD WITHIN A SONG (Official Video) Made in Qatar

Within the context of our intentions to exhibit the 'Undying Unity of the Human Spirit and Music's Inherent Ability to Unite Across Borders and Cultures' Record On Studios, Qatar was inspired to create a theme song in tribute to our adopted home; Qatar. The day was the 16th of September 2012.
The paradigm was set to provide an opportunity to upcoming talent who shared the same passion which was the theme of the project. Adventure, Creativity, Challenges & Mind-blowing Discoveries later; WORLD WITHIN A SONG was born.

The music which features artists from more than 24 countries is an original composition by the incredibly talented Dileepa Liyanage (Lee) who also sound engineered the project. Multi-talented Singer and Actress Keyali Mayaga authored the heartfelt lyrics, while Anslem Angelo, co-founder of Record on Home Studio produced the project.

Philippines, Sri Lanka, England, Russia, Canada, Pakistan, Ethiopia, Algeria, Nigeria, Wales, Argentina, Lebanon, Kenya, India, USA, Thailand, Palestine, Iran, France, Bosnia, Hungary, Tunisia, Morocco & Qatar.

Enjoy the video and please share and give us your comments.