Weekly Roundup - Week 4 - Nov (More Magic, Moustaches, Boats, Horse Riding, and Instagram!)

Hamad decided to horse around on the show this week (see what we did there) by doing a couple of equestrian impressions. Be sure to drop us a comment for a chance to be mentioned on next week's show!

Here's a full list of the events we've included:

- Katara 3rd Traditional Dhow Festival http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?...

- LONGINES GLOBAL CHAMPIONS TOUR http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?...

- California Tortilla Movember Charity Event! http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?...

- Ajyal Youth Film Festival http://iloveqatar.net/forum

- ♥ Adam & Selina - Mystifiers http://iloveqatar.net/forum/read.php?...


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