The ILQ Test Drive tries Taiwanese snacks! (Beware! Watch if you dare!)

This week’s ILQ Test Drive shows the team trying snacks from Taiwan! This one's quite the daring episode. Why? Well, because the team tries out something rather unusual… and it’s a popular Taiwanese street-snack.

One of the other unusual snacks in the episode is charcoal peanuts. Many people didn’t know that that’s actually a thing. The only ordinary thing that was tested in the episode was probably the pineapple cake, which was delicious!

We’ll leave the last one unnamed. That one’s for the viewers to find out! But be warned, it’s quite frightening to behold at first glance!  

If you want Taiwanese snacks, you’ll have to take a trip there! The snacks we tried in this episode were brought over straight from Taiwan.

Stay tuned for next week’s episode! We guarantee it will be just as fun!

Thank you Taiwan, we love you!