Trying the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge in Qatar!

The ILQ Test Drive: Applying makeup WITHOUT A MIRROR!


Have you heard of the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge? In our latest episode of the Test Drive the ladies of ILQ take on the challenge! 

Lipstick Shades That Will Never Go Out of Style

Some lipstick shades will always be in, mostly because they're the perfect color or they're great to wear for everyday use. For all you makeup lovers, we’ve compiled a list of brands and their most popular lipstick shades, check it out!

A New Cold-Brewed-Coffee Trend in Qatar

Last night on the 13th January 2016 at Wyndham Grand Regency, Qatar was introduced to its first cold coffee brewing experience.

Dutch Design in Doha - the future of 3D printing

Katara Arts Centre, building #5, Doha
2 November / 6:00 pm