5 ways you can give back to Qatar’s community

Kindness, a small act that can have a huge impact. We show you how simple actions speak the loudest when it comes to uniting our community here in Qatar. Click here to find out you can do your part!

Your good deeds of the week for a wholesome Ramadan

We’ve got another seven acts of kindness to kick-start the third week of Ramadan – are you ready? Let’s have a look how we can improve the lives of others and ourselves with small good deeds. Pay attention to the little things and new appreciation and gratitude will follow! Click here to read on…


Your weekly acts of kindness for a benevolent Ramadan

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7 days of kindness for a virtuous Ramadan

In the spirit of charity and giving back to the community this Ramadan, we’ve compiled daily acts of kindness that can help others and ourselves this Holy Month. So why not take part in these simple acts of charity that go a long way? Click here to read more!