Top 5 Qatar Events (July 13 - 15, 2017)

The Weekend Roundup: Top guide to events in Qatar (July 13 - July 15)


We’re back with a new episode of the Weekend Roundup! If you're looking for fun things to do this weekend, don't be shy - click our post, watch the video, and find out more!

Stay in Qatar and enjoy the Qatar Summer Festival!

QSF brings you shopping promotions, Entertainment City, travel offers, accommodation offers and so much more! Check it out this summer! 

Top tips to stay safe this summer!

Doha’s summers can be unbearably hot! We tend to overlook the safety aspects of the high summer temperatures because we focus more on just keeping cool. Here are some ways to stay safe and cool in Doha this summer. 


Qatar flies in 165 cows from Germany

Qatar's first batch of cows is here to help in the production of milk within the country! 

Top 5 signs you’re an expat parent

From long-distance Skype sessions, to learning first words in three different languages, raising a child away from your home country is an adventure in itself. ILQ’s Amelia Miller is one such parent, having been a long-time expat in both Qatar and the UAE. Here are her Top 5 sure-fire signs that you’re raising a world child as an expat Mum.

[ILQ Test Drive] Don’t wake up the Bad Dog!

The ILQ Test Drive: Beware of the Bad Dog!


Have you ever accidentally woken up a sleeping dog? In our latest episode of the ILQ Test Drive the team wakes up a Bad Dog! 

Qatari adventure biker completes Silk Route tour, dedicates it to HH the Emir

Qatari adventure biker, Khalid Al-Jaber, has succeeded in completing a Silk Route tour through 19 countries  and dedicates his achievement to His Highness the Emir of Qatar.

MBG checks out a quality sandwich parlor and for dessert, Kim Kardashian’s favourite fro-yo joint

Mama Baba Ganoush tries superior sandwiches and a celebrity dessert hotspot — that you can find right here in Qatar! We're also launching a competition with Menchie's and Which Wich? Read on to find out more!

Latest: All that has happened since Qatar's response to demand list

On July 5, Qatar responded to the demands made by neighboring countries as a price to life the blockade. Here is what has happened since then. 

“Doha-proof” your makeup this summer!

Are you tired of your makeup getting cakey and oily this summer? With skyrocketing temperatures, have you been tempted to give up using makeup altogether? Don’t worry, because ILQ has some tips that will help your skin look and feel light and fresh without having to let go of your favourite makeup products!