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Qatar Guide: How to renew your Tourist or Family Visa in Qatar

Have you ever wondered how to extend your Tourist Visa or Family Visa here in Qatar? We walk you through the process to help make your stay all the smoother. Click here to read more!

10 Key points from the Emir's CBS 60 Minutes interview

The Emir's interview with Charlie Rose on CBS' 60 Minutes was broadcast early this morning. In case you missed it, here are the 10 main points the Emir made during the interview. 

Harley Davidson launches 2018 motorcycle range

Haley Davidson launches 2018 motorcycle range in biggest change in 10 years.

Click here to read more.

Do Qataris have the Jambiya (dagger)?

QTips: Do Qataris have the Jambiya (dagger)?


In this week's episode, find out whether Qataris carry a Jambiya (dagger), or do they have something even scarier-looking? 

Top 5 Qatar Events (October 26 - 28, 2017)

The Weekend Roundup: Top guide to events in Qatar (Oct. 26 - 28, 2017)


TGIT! Check out the latest episode of weekend roundup for some great ways to spend your weekend! 

GCC Crisis Updates Week 21 — Qatar reiterates willingness for dialogue

This past week, the Qatari Foreign Minister made a trip to Turkey and the Kuwaiti Emir visited Qatar to discuss the crisis. Read the article for more updates! 

Qatar to introduce minimum wage for workers

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Filipino actress Isabel Granada collapses while in Qatar

The actress was on a business trip to Qatar. Read the article for more information. 

DIY Japanese Candy-Sushi???

ILQ Test Drive: DIY Japanese candy-sushi???


Check out the latest episode of our Test Drive. We tried something truly weird in this one! 

Xavi interested in coaching for Qatar!

Spanish football legend, Xavi Hernandez has expressed an interest in coaching the Qatari football team. To see what he has to say, read the latest by Asad Bisati!