The top 5 malls to shop at in Qatar!

Shop, shop, shop till you drop! Check out some of our favorite malls to shop at in Qatar! 

Vectorize: Changing Qatar’s tech-game with 3D printing and virtual reality!

This week’s ‘Startup of the Week’ is Vectorize, a company that specializes in 3D printing, virtual and augmented reality. Read on to find out more!

GCC Crisis Updates Week 25 — Egypt imposes visas for Qataris

In latest updates, Egypt imposes visas on Qataris and HE the Foreign Minister of Qatar discusses the crisis during his visit to Washington DC. Click here for more updates. 

Top 5 Qatar Events (November 23 - 25, 2017)

The Weekend Roundup: Top guide to events in Qatar (Nov. 23 - 25, 2017)


It's the weekend! You know what that means! Weekend Roundup time! Check it out for all the latest events in Qatar! :) 

Eww, we drank toilet water?!

Did we really just drink toilet water???


Is this some kind of joke?? Did we really drink toilet water? You'll have to watch the video to find out! 

Top spots to check out at Al Hazm Mall!

Ever been to Al Hazm Mall? Here are some top spots you should visit! There’s food, coffee, and a lot of beautiful sights! Read on to find out more!

ILQ Globetrotter: Exploring the Golden City, San Francisco

There's a ton to see, do and of course, eat in San Francisco. Click here for a detailed guide by Ms. Hala, who knows the city inside and out! 

Struggles of living in a country that's almost always hot

Dealing with summer for 8-9 months a year is definitely not easy. Click here for some relatable summer struggles. 

Things To Do In Doha: November 19 - November 26

Get over your weekend blues with our weekly Things To Do in Doha! Check out ILQ’s listings, we guarantee they'll be worth your while! Read on to find out more!

#QTip: How do you pronounce the names of areas in Qatar?

QTips: How do you pronounce these area names in Qatar?


You've probably been pronouncing the names of these areas wrong. Watch our latest QTip to find out the Qatari way of saying them!