GCC Crisis Updates Week 25 — Egypt imposes visas for Qataris

In latest updates, Egypt imposes visas on Qataris and HE the Foreign Minister of Qatar discusses the crisis during his visit to Washington DC. Click here for more updates. 

New requirements for motorcycle, trailer, and caravan registration implemented

Read the article for information on the procedures regarding registration and licensing of certain types of vehicles. 

5 questions about breast cancer answered

Breast cancer is a significant health issue for women worldwide. Find out how you can get yourself screened in Qatar and what you can do to raise awareness this October! 

#QTip: Do Qataris get free cars from the government?

QTips: Do Qataris get free cars from the government??


It's QTips time! In this week's episode, find out if Qataris get a free car from the government! 

Checkout Qatar’s largest ever Confetti Dome at Doha Festival City Shop & Win Festival!

Doha Festival City
5 October / 3:00 pm

5 key messages from HH the Emir's speech at the UNGA 2017

Did you miss His Highness the Emir's speech at the UN General Assembly last night? Here is a summary of some of the main topics he discussed! 

#QTip - How Qataris get married - what's a melcha?

QTips: How Qataris get married - what's a melcha?


How does a Qatari man propose marriage to a woman? It's not exactly what you would picture when you hear the word "proposal." You gotta ask her dad first! But more on that in the video. Also find out how the marriage is celebrated, who's invited and all that good stuff! 

How does marriage work in your culture? Let us know in the comments below! 


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#QTip: Do Qataris live with their parents??

QTips: Why do Qataris always live with their parents?


Why do Qataris live with their parents even when they're old enough to move out? Watch the video to find out! 

#QTip: Why do Qataris have more than one phone?

QTips: Why do Qataris have more than one phone?


Click the link to check out our latest QTip and find out why some Qataris carry more than one phone! 

Hamad Al Amari

Answer these 8 questions and find out which Ghutra style you are!

Are you fascinated by all the different styles of Ghutra? Do you lay awake at night night and wonder if you’re more cobra or trimba? If so, then stop thinking and do this quiz. We’ll tell you which way you should flip that Keffiyeh!