SONEX: Smart home solutions to make your life easier in Qatar!

This week’s ‘Startup of the Week’ is SONEX a local business that provides smart home solutions that are practical and efficient! Read on to learn more!

AKLY: Healthy and delicious meals delivered straight to your doorstep

For this week’s ‘Startup of the Week’ we feature AKLY, a local food startup, in app form, that helps you achieve a healthier and more nutritious lifestyle! Read on to find out more!

FEEDeology: Bringing restaurants and foodies together in an innovative way!

For this week’s ‘Startup of the Week’ we feature FEEDeology, a local digital startup that makes your dining experience in Qatar even better than usual! Read on to find out more!

Startup of the Week: Wanasah provides interactive in-cab media for enjoyable journeys

ILQ features Wanasah for this week’s ‘Startup of the Week.’ Wanasah is a Qatari startup that provides passengers in cabs or private limousines with ‘in-cab’ entertainment and advertising! Read on to find out more about this startup!

Startup of the Week: BuyGather provides consumers in the Qatar market with deals and discounts

This week ILQ’s ‘Startup of the Week’ highlights BuyGather, an innovative Qatari startup that provides offers from the Qatar Market in a resourceful way! How cool!? You can get coupons and special discounts when you use BuyGather! Read on to find out more!

Growing scene of local social entrepreneurs in Qatar!

Youth empowerment and entrepreneurship has been steadily growing in Qatar and the region. The Arab world, like the rest of the globe, has been undergoing changes. We sat down with one of the agents of this change and an upcoming local social entrepreneur Maryam Alsubaiey, who is the founder of Qtalent, to talk about her journey in the creative sector and their first Bazaar at St. Regis Hotel, Doha!

Doha's Culture of Instagram and How It's Beneficial for Startups

Instagram is a useful platform to promote and market your businesses, and also allows startups to obtain an upward trajectory in terms of exposure.

5 Tips for making the most of Global Entrepreneurship Week

For those who are attending GEW in Doha this week, here are some tips! Read on to find out more!

Green and Healthy business Forum

Ezdan Mall
20 October / 2:00 pm