Are celebrities and bloggers changing the makeup game?

Makeup brands aren't what they used to be. People have started to opt for indie brands started by people they watch on Youtube or follow on Instagram, because they seem a lot more relatable.  

Trying the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge in Qatar!

The ILQ Test Drive: Applying makeup WITHOUT A MIRROR!


Have you heard of the #NoMirrorMakeupChallenge? In our latest episode of the Test Drive the ladies of ILQ take on the challenge! 

Five crazy beauty trends you’ll either love or hate!

You won’t believe what’s recently been trending in the beauty world! Read on to find out, as ILQ's In The Glow shares some of the wackiest!

The top 10 cruelty-free makeup brands you can buy in Qatar!

Whether they're high-end or drugstore/affordable makeup products, your animal-loving self can find a guide to some of the most popular cruelty-free brands sold in Qatar. Also find some of their most popular products, if you need some help shopping. 

In The Glow presents: Makeup do’s and don’ts - a quick tutorial!

Our latest In The Glow video features Roufaida Thabti, an avid beauty enthusiast, who’ll be walking us through a simple and quick makeup tutorial. She’ll be showing us the look you want to achieve versus the look you don’t want to achieve. Read on to find out more and watch the video!

Runway Wrap-Up: The best of the 11th Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition

Running from April 28-May 2, this year’s Heya Arabian Fashion Exhibition saw 250 exhibitors showcasing a large collection of abayas, kaftans, jalabiyas, veils, gowns, and other pieces from local, regional, and international brands. Receiving visitors, stylists, aspiring designers, fashion enthusiasts, buyers, and more at the Doha Exhibition and Convention Center, it was  one of the biggest events on Doha’s couture calendar. ILQ’s In The Glow was there, with our resident fashionista Renata Menegaz bringing you all the details!

In The Glow gets to know Turkish superstar Meryem Uzerli!

Turkish superstar Meryem Uzerli launched her fabulous new cosmetic line, in collaboration with Middle Eastern beauty retailer Wojooh, in Doha last week. ILQ had the chance to have a quick chat with the star of Muhteşem Yüzyil, getting the scoop on what inspired her, future acting roles, and what to expect next in her beauty line. ILQ’s fashion expert Renata Menegaz reports.

In The Glow: The secret behind Korean skincare

Our latest In The Glow episode showcases the before and after of using Korean face masks! Korea is popularly known for its beauty and skincare products. In our new video we take you through ILQ beauty expert Leena’s routine skincare regimen for the day. Find out more details behind the products used and pro-tips from Leena herself!

Qatar Sees first Doha Beauty Show This October 2016

A first of its kind beauty platform happening in Doha that connects local and international beauty brands, experts and local consumers! Read to find out more about this event!

Doha's Culture of Instagram and How It's Beneficial for Startups

Instagram is a useful platform to promote and market your businesses, and also allows startups to obtain an upward trajectory in terms of exposure.