Chances of scattered rain

More rains, winds and thundery clouds in the offing

Another spell of unstable weather conditions is on the cards from Wednesday and it may be extended up to Friday afternoon, the Met office has said.

Qatar to receive more rain today

Qatar received substantial showers yesterday, coinciding with World Water Day, with more thundershowers and lightning forecast for today.

Light scattered rain likely today

Light scattered showers, thundery at times, have been forecast for today by the Qatar Meteorology Department.  A minimum temperature in the range of 22 to 23C and maximum of 26 to 31C have been forecast for today.

Afternoon rains forecast for Qatar

Parts of Qatar may receive scattered rains which could be thundery at times on Wednesday afternoon.

Rain on cards in Qatar

There is a chance of light to scattered rain on Monday, the Forecasting and Analysis Office at the Qatar Meteorology Department has said.

Light rains, windy weather likely today

The windy weather is expected to continue today with chances of light rains in some areas, the Meteorology Department said yesterday. It has forecast moderate temperature during day to become relatively cold by night. It is expected to be slightly dusty and cloudy at times.

Dust winds to cause low visibility from today: Met office

Strong dust winds could hit the country again by this afternoon causing low visibility in some areas and a slight fall in temperature.

Cold and dusty wind to continue

The cold, dusty and windy weather is forecast to continue today, although the dust hanging in the air might settle a bit as the night falls.

The night is forecast to be quite cold today with mercury levels falling to 9 to 13 degrees C at places after midnight.

Strong winds on Sport Day

With preparations in full swing to celebrate the National Sport Day tomorrow, the Meteorology Department has forecast strong dusty winds on the day and advised people with respiratory problems to keep away from outdoor activities.