Hotter days on anvil; sandstorm too can occur

The maximum temperature will be in the range of 36 to 39C in Qatar Thursday and Friday, owing to the possibility of an extension of a Sudan thermal low pressure belt over the Gulf region, the forecasters have cautioned.

Severe dusty conditions to continue Tuesday

Qatar experienced severe dusty conditions, backed by strong winds starting from noon Monday and similar weather is expected throughout Tuesday as well, according to the forecasters .

Dusty conditions to prevail; temperature to reach 40 degrees

The weather office has forecast strong winds and a maximum temperature of 40 degrees for today even as dusty conditions are expected to prevail.
North-westerly winds may reach a speed of 35 knots at times.

Poor visibility due to dust likely today

The Meteorology Department has forecast poor visibility due to dust at some places in Qatar for today. The minimum and maximum temperatures are expected to be between 25 and 37C across the country.

Strong winds forecast; call to avoid dust exposure

Strong winds and poor horizontal visibility due to dust have been forecast by the Meteorology Department, prompting the Supreme Council of Health (SCH) to advise residents, particularly elderly people with asthma and lu

Strong winds, dust forecast

The weather bureau has issued an advisory saying that fresh to strong winds accompanied by dust may hit the country early this afternoon, and the windy conditions may continue until late today.

Relatively hot day forecast

The weather bureau has issued no warning for today and said it will be a relatively hot day and slight dust might hang in the air at places at times.

Repeat of severe sandstorm 'highly unlikely'

The sandstorm that lashed Qatar late in the evening on Wednesday was a "rare and unusual occurrence", a senior official of the forecasting department has told Gulf Times.

Sandstorm envelops Qatar

Schools closed; zero visibility at many places; some relief can be expected after 10am

Thunder showers forecast for today

The Met Office has forecast chances of scattered rains, accompanied by thunder and lightning, today. It will be partly cloudy or cloudy throughout the day. Strong winds reaching around 35 knots offshore as well as inshore are likely. The visibility may fall to 3km or less at times.