Thundershowers likely today

There are chances of rain with thunder and strong wind inshore today, the Qatar Meteorology Department said yesterday. Strong winds and high seas have been forecast offshore. The lowest minimum temperature for day, 10C, is expected at Dukhan and Abu Samra, whereas the highest, 19C, is in Doha.

Scattered rains may lash Doha this evening

Scattered rains might lash Doha and other parts of the country later this evening, the weather bureau said in its forecast yesterday.

Chances of rain, particularly in the northern areas, would likely continue until tomorrow noon.

Cold, windy weather to continue

The cold and windy weather is here to stay for a while.

The Weather Bureau said it’s going to be chilly and windy today again, with northwesterly wind from the icy European regions continuing its spell.

Strong winds expected today

Qatar is expected to be lashed by strong winds today but rains are unlikely, according to the Met Office. There are chances of rain in the country’s offshore areas, especially in the morning, though.

Scattered rains, cloudy weather likely today

The Weather Bureau has forecast partly cloudy to cloudy weather today and said there were chances of scattered rains.

People can expect strong winds with thunder with wind speed reaching up to 15 to 25 knots, said the forecast.

Fresh cold spell, rains likely

The Meteorology Department has forecast a fresh spell of cold and windy weather from today.

And it could rain on Sunday with strong chances of a wet weather, particularly on Monday and Tuesday.


Windy weather, colder night forecast today

The night could be colder today with the mercury dipping to 14 degrees Celsius as early as 9pm, according to weather forecasts. The day will be relatively hotter with continual sunshine and temperatures reaching 20 degrees C by 9am and noon amid a partly dusty, cloudy and windy weather.


Cold spell for a week from Sunday likely

Qatar is expected to experience the first cold spell of the season beginning on Sunday, leading to a significant drop in temperature with the minimum to be slightly above 10 degrees Celsius on some days, according to the Meteorology Department.


Mercury set to plunge today

A sudden drop in temperature accompanied by strong northwesterly winds from chilly regions of Europe has made the weather colder in Qatar.


Waterlogging in mall

Heavy rains yesterday afternoon caused waterlogging inside some parts of Villaggio mall. Some saleswomen at a store said the water stayed for about an hour. Later, the mall staff drained the area using suction pumps. (Supplied pictures)