Weather Forecast in Qatar

Qatar Meteorology Department's weather forecast, valid until 6pm Thursday, warned of expected thundery rain by afternoon inshore and strong wind and high seas due to thunder rain offshore.

Heavy rain lashes Doha

Life was thrown out of gear in Qatar yesterday when the country was lashed with more rain in less than two hours than what it gets in a whole year.

Thundershowers, strong winds in the offing

Residents of Doha and other parts of the country can expect rain, thunder and strong winds on Tuesday, triggered by a low pressure system that is likely to affect Qatar until Thursday evening, the weather office has said.

Unstable weather with rain likely until Friday

Qatar is expected to witness unstable weather from this evening until Friday, with chances of rain all over.

Heavy rains are expected in the northern areas, particularly after sunset tomorrow, lasting until late Wednesday evening.

Rain in some parts of the country today

Some parts of the country may receive some rain today, the Met office has said.
While the maximum temperature in most areas is expected to drop to under 30° Celsius, Doha will be the hottest place in the country today, according to the weather report.

Rise in temperatures likely

The temperature is expected to rise in some parts of the country on Wednesday, including Doha, the Met office has said.
The minimum and maximum temperatures in the country are likely to be 19C and 32C respectively, with the forecast for Doha being the highest at 23C and 32C.

Strong winds and cold night forecast for Qatar

Strong winds and dusty conditions are again expected in Qatar on Friday, along with a relatively cold night, the weather report states.

High wind

Doha and other parts of the country saw high wind yesterday, kicking up dust at places. Palm trees dividing the main Corniche Road swayed early in the day, with dust hanging in the air affecting visibility.

Thundershowers expected today

Thundershowers and sudden strong windy spells are expected in the country on Sunday, the Met office has said.
The wind speed is likely to go up to 25kt in some places, according to the forecast. In offshore areas, it will reach 20kt.

Chances of rain Tuesday

Some parts of the country may get some rain Tuesday, the Met office has said.
According to the forecast, there are chances of rain in Al Ruwais, Dukhan and Abu Samra, while Doha, Al Khor and Messaied will experience cloudy conditions.