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Oscars havent begun but there is already controversy

There is global talk going on about the Oscars... let's hear what those in Qatar have to say. Join the discussion!

Being a regular in Qatar

A thank you to the many amazing Filipinas I get to meet every day in Doha :)

Expat Blues

It’s always a challenge to move to a new country.  Always. You can be upbeat, excited, well-informed, and love the place you are about to move to… and still end up totally miserable.

A knock on the door

We are about to embark on to the busy work week, where we will be juggling family, work, errands and... enduring traffic.

Adventures in Abaya

I decided to experience the Abaya first-hand and what an experience!

Drool Worthy Jewels

For those STILL waiting to go visit the Doha Jewelry and Watches Exhibition (DJWE), this little v

What can you do with only QR100 in West Bay Doha?

Got a budget? Excellent.  We are going to show you how can still have fun in different areas of Doha with only 100QR in your pocket.  Our first area is West Bay :)

Traffic in Qatar: Stealing years of our lives

Qatar is currently experiencing some growing pains as it gets ready for the 2022 FIFA games.  That is the thing about growing pains, they pain

Money matters to consider before moving to the Middle East

Does a move to the Middle East increase everyone's bottom line?

Meeting Elvis in Qatar

An amazing little musical event happened in Doha that was SO much fun, I'm writing about it to make sure no one misses out on it again.