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A tale of social and personal development - The Youth Company

An insight into the company that is shaping our next generation and encouraging them to give back to the society. The Youth Company is equipped with all the right tools needed for professional, personal and social development.

What's your Ramadan like?

It is the auspicious occasion of Ramadan and ILQ, the friendliest community of Qatar decided to meet people and find out what does this holy month mean to them.

A new entrepreneur's guide in Qatar

A few places to head to if you have a business plan in mind. From the vague topics to the ones that hit home, entrepreneurship knows no boundaries.

Doha's Maktaba Library - A New Concept With a Fresh Approach

A library open to public and also has a Guinness book record? Yes, that’s definitely a first for us!

FACT: Vimto is the most consumed beverage during Ramadan.

Ramadan begins on Monday and Muslims around the world are preparing to abstain from eating and drinking during daylight for a month – and a certain British soft drink will play a major role.

Inspiring Instagramers of Qatar : Story behind the camera

Qatar is a beautiful place, and if you look through the lenses of these photographers it will appear even more fascinating. ILQ found out the story behind their pictures.

Paying It Forward: Restaurants Feeding The Poor

Even though Qatar might seem to be the land of the rich, you will always find a hungry soul around the corner. Some Good Vibes Before Ramadan - Restaurants feeding the poor.

Tips to Keep Your Makeup Looking Fresh during the Doha Summer

Since it’s officially summer we know the plight of most women in Doha’s extreme heat is melting and runny makeup. Totally understand why women get annoyed or frustrated (myself included), particularly if your face beat is on point before you step out of your house, and after the wave hits it’s just a coalescence of what seemingly “was” a work of art. We've come up with a few helpful ways to prevent you from looking like a runny painting.

Qatar’s Enchanting Destinations

Qatar, more precisely the capital city Doha, appears to be a very modern city with blinding glamour. But there is much more to what meets the eye. Qatar has a rich collection of Forts and archaeological sites which is a perfect contrast to the country’s rapidly developing architectural landscape.

Yummy Delicious Villa transforms into The Local Bazar

The yummy delicious villa began as a small dessert project to generate income for a young Qatari woman.