Meet Empowering Qatari Artist and Community Worker Ameera Al Aji

We recently met Ameera Al-Aji, Qatari Artist and Community Service Supervisor at Qatar Foundation (QF) and got the chance to interview her for special insight on the thoughts and feelings of a local artist and the work in the community.

Fun indoor activities for kids to enjoy summer in Qatar

Looking for a little something to do with your children during the summers - we have the ideal places to help parents have some fun with with the kids!

Dress to impress in Qatar’s Brands

If you made a list of all the things Qatar is famous for, you can be sure fashion is among these things. Fashion is to Qatar what the sea is to the desert. And Qatar’s designers are lovestruck writing love songs to fashion and to Qatar.

Favorites from the Magical Festival Village, Qatar

Things and shops that are drool worthy at the Village - the new and interesting concept in Katara where you will find entertainment for everyone.

Exclusive ladies day at the Aqua Park, Qatar

Summer has officially arrived in Qatar, and what better way to cool yourself down than to take a splash in the water and enjoy some awesome rides. Aqua Park, Qatar has fixed a special ladies day which will allow the girls to enjoy some exclusive girlie fun!

Great words of advice from Prophet Muhammed - not just for Muslims in Qatar!

Islam, Prophet Muhammed and the Hadith – all wildly debated, misinterpreted, or misused in the context of war and conflict.

Picture from clevelandmusicgroup.com

An Art of a Different Kind - Cartoonists and Caricature artists in Qatar

Entertainment and art has no boundaries - you are an artist if you have it in you to be the master of creation.

Chef’s Garden: A ‘Farm to Table’ concept

Chef’s Garden is fast gaining a reputation in Qatar as a restaurant leading the way in terms of sourcing free range, chemical and preservative free ingredients and turning them into healthy every day meals.

Celebrating Fashion With Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz just had their 3 day fashion show, where designers from all around the globe were featured. Fashion, music & more fashion - The fashion event of the year.

Exciting build up to Qatar’s Angry Birds World theme park

Doha Festival City, in partnership with Talal Bin Mohammed Trading and ADabisc , hosted a grand screening of the Angry Birds Movie for distinguished guests, media and ten winners of a competition launched on their social media platforms under the hashtag #DohaFestivalCity.