Mansoor Al Hajri fastest in the opening round of the Qatar Touring Car Championship

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In the opening round of the Qatar Touring Car Championship, during the Practice Session the Qatari driver Mansoor Al Hajri was the fastest driver with a lap time of 2:28.694 driving a Toyota.

‘The track today was a bit dusty and the weather windy and hot but it was nice and as soon as I got into the rhythm my lap timing started to going down.   I need to fix something and hopefully by tomorrow I can make it. Unfortunately, Abdullah had some problem with his car if not I think he would be on the top position.’ said Mansoor after the practice session.

The second place in the grid will be for the Palestine driver Omran Karama, also driving a Toyota who made a time of 2:30.176.  ‘It was a great practice, the weather a little bit affective as it was windy and dusty and I had a lot of problems with the car but I managed to get the second which is very good the first race of the season. I think that everybody face the problem with the temperature, I am sure it will be a very exciting race tomorrow’ stated Omran.

Abdullah Al Khelaifi , who had  a problem with his Toyota car did the third best lap time, 2:32.103 ‘  I had today some electrical issues and hopefully by tomorrow I’ll be fixing it, usually my timing is better than today that I recorded in the qualifying, and after fixing my problem I will try tomorrow to recover it and get better position for tomorrow race’ Al Khelafi said after the session.

Tomorrow first race will be at 12:45 and the second race at 15:45.