Got a great site? Nominate it for the World Summit Awards!

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Hey there everyone!

ictQatar would like to nominate the best e-content website/ application owned by organizations or individuals for World Summit Award (WSA) e-content contest.
The World Summit Award (WSA) is the global contest to select best practice in e-Content and innovative ICT applications.

A national pre-selection committee is working to nominate best e-content for Qatar to participate in this contest.

You may nominate sites that fall under one of these sections (websites or ICT applications):

1. e-Government & Institutions

2. e-Health & Environment

3. e-Learning & Education

4. e-Entertainment & Games

5. e-Culture & Heritage

6. e-Science & Technology

7. e-Business & Commerce

8. e-Inclusion & Participation

You can nominate more than one site too!

Send an email to and make sure you include the below.

The title of the email should be Nominations for WSA - ILQ

Please mention the following:


Website/ ICT application


Name of product owner

Contact of product owner

Remember! Your site MUST be related to Qatar in some way!