Thai food fest at Doha Marriott

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The Doha Marriott Hotel launched yesterday the Thai Food Festival at the Asia Live! Restaurant.

The 14-day event will give the guests of the hotel a window to the rich Thai cultural heritage and extravagant samples of Thai cuisine by

Chef Seri Alkkhason.

“We have invited Chef Seri especially for this event. The Thai Food Festival was opened by the Thai Ambassador Suvat Chirapant, whom we have invited for the occasion. He was assisted by the vice chairman and chief operations officer of the Venture Gulf Group, Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Nasser,” said Jennifer Schlicht, Doha Marriott’s PR and Marketing Communications manager.

“The chef has lined up exciting and exotic Thai dishes for our guests to indulge in. It will definitely be a different culinary experience for them,” she said. According to Schlicht, Chef Seri joined the Doha Marriott Hotel a couple

of months ago.

“This is his first time in Doha. He has worked in Abu Dhabi earlier,” she said.

Schlicht said Chef Seri, whose favourite dish is Thai rice noodles with prawn, learned how to cook traditional Thai food in his home country but honed his skills while in Abu Dhabi where he worked for the

past five years.

“Chef Seri loves to give traditional food items and cooking methods an international touch and to surprise his guests with different taste

innovations,” she said while describing the skills of the chef.

The festival will go on until December 12 daily from 6.30pm to 11pm.