Qatar Labour Law (English)

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Here you all go, see attached, courtesy of Treysdad.

This is the Qatar Labour Law of 2004 in English.

Should be handy for those who are interested in knowing their rights.

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Hi amnesia, et al

Has there been any updates/revisions on the Labour Law, as of this year? Or this version (2004) still stands as it is?

Many thanks indeed.

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No updates so far :)

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Hi amnesia
I came accross this very useful site today and would like to request your help

My problem is that I am involved in recruitment business and am in contact with a lot of agents in Qatar. One of them who is an Indian National residing in Qataqr has betrayed me by not providing the agreed work and salary to the workers. and he has taken a lot of money as advance from me. Is there any way i can complain to the Qatar government and get my money back as well as have the workers get their rightful salary.
I would be very grateful for you help

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i been working here in qatar since 2006,ever since i knew that my c0mpany(eurabia gold cleaning services)doesn't obey the labour,there's gossip spreading that my company going to questions are;
*Does my employer allowed us(his employee)to sell to another company so that he could get money?
*what are the benefit we could get if he closed the company?
*Could we get NOC?
Thank u so much..hope u'll give me a peace of mind regarding this
Thankz again

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Where does the ministry of labour located? I've been here for almost 4years but i dont know where its located..

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The Labour Department is in westbay. The Barzan Tower.



I have some questions regarding RP application. Can you send me your email.




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Thank you and more power..hope u'll help m0re people needing advice and inf0rmati0n ab0ut qatar
God bless

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hi maldita (kabayan)

what do you mean by your "employer selling you (the employees) to another company"? i would object to that since you are not commodities! however, if the intent is to have the current staff to be transferred to another company so that the employees retain their jobs, then that is good.

all locally hired staff are entitled to gratuity pay provided they have completed at least one year of service. this should be given at the end of service (or contract). the minimum amount set by labour law is three weeks salary for every year of employment (and a fraction of the year in proportion to the duration of contract). (refer to article 54 of the labour law)

employment certificate can be asked or demanded from the employer at the end of the contract as well as certificates and other documents submitted prior to employment. however, i believe issuance of NOC is a prerogative of the company. (refer to article 53 of the labour law)

hope this helps.

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Hi all,
I'm working at an international school in Qatar. I'm having a work permit. I got a new job offer recently and they wanted me to go to medical and CID before sign the contract. I still didn't give a resignation letter to my current working place. According to the agreement that I'm having with the school, I need to give one month notice before resign from my position. Now I'm unable to give one month notice as school is going to close for summer vacation within few days.
I'm afraid with the following circumstance;
If I go to CID with out giving the resignation to my current working place will it be a problem???
What is the best solution for this situation?? Pls help me

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Shouldn't be a problem. Just have the new jib offer with you and explain the situation if asked.

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Our company is not following the Qatar labor law for RAMADAN. Under the law, we all know that we are allowed to work for 6 hours only, but our company requiring us to work normal work hours ( 9 hours) what would be the best to do? Is it possible to report it to labour without giving my name.

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Yes, just call the ministry of labour a call to let them know

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Hi amnesia.
Are you a local of Qatar? If not, may i know what your nationality is?
Anyways, there are just some things that I need help with.
I'm a Filipino Engineer. I arrived in Doha last May 2010, with a business visa from my current employer. Normally, one would have to go through a recruitment agency in our country before he could land a job abroad. My current employer got me this B.Visa so it would be faster for me to get to Qatar. When I got here, they applied for my working visa which I believe is already ok. I had the medical exam and finger printing done, also. Now, I think I'll just have to wait for my Pataka (hope I spelled it right), but I still don't have and have not seen my actual service contract. Shouldn't I have the service contract already since I've been working for more than 2 months already?
When we were still negotiating, they provided an Employment Offer which indicated the benefits I'll be receiving when I get hired, and I had to sign it to show that I am pursuing my application with them so that they could get me the B.Visa, my tickets, etc. I sent a scanned copy of the Employment Offer with my signature.
Now, my other concern is that my employer (the company) does not have a fixed date as to when they would give the salary. It is always delayed according to my colleagues. Before I joined, that situation was already 1 of the headaches of my colleagues. I was not informed about that before. I got my first salary (good for 14days for the month of May) around the 20th of June. But until now, our salary for the month of June has not yet been given. Only 5 days to go and it will be August, meaning another delayed salary for July. Could this be a ground for a complaint? To whom (government agency?) should I address this?
If I decide to resign from the job on the same ground, what would be the implications? Could I apply to other employers once I forwarded my resignation to my current employer? Will I be asked to go back to the Philippines? Will I pay for the airfares (getting here and back to Phil)?
I hope you could enlighten me with my queries. I wrote this for my colleagues who have had enough of our employer's insensitivity and lack of care for their employees.
Thank you and have a good day.

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Yes I'm Qatari.

When you say Pataka you mean card? (In that case it's Bitaka)

You shouldn't be going through the whole registration and onboarding process until they give you a contract. Now they've tied you to them. What's unusual is the company should have showed the Ministry a contract before registering you anyway.

Of course you could always complain if you haven't been paid for a whole month. The ministry of business and trade doesn't tolerate that.

If you resign, they have to give you a ticket home (unless not specified in your contract) and any money owed. If they are a bad company, they wont give you an NOC which means you can't work in Qatar for 2 years. Either way they should be reported to the government to deal with.

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hi amensia

i have been working under a company for a year now. i got a better job offer in a different company. my sponsor is ready to give me release but will lab-our law/ ministry allow me to work in different company coz i haven't completed my 2yearz in d present company i am working. Ur reply is appreciated


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ministry only objects if you dont have an NOC.
So you are fine.

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i am new here.
I was came to Qatar on 2012 may 15 for a 7 days visit. Then my first sponsor gave me release, i find a job and transfer my sponsorship to current company. I want finish my contract after 4 months and i got good offer from another company. my question is shall i take release with my current sponsor he wants to me dismiss his company is there any rule to take release?
he ready to give me NOC

Please kindly advice me.


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Good day!

I'm new to this site. I just stumbled thru site as I was looking for the Qatar Labour Law. I find this site useful and very informative especially about employee's rights since the company that I worked for did not give us any written By Laws. I just recommended this site to fellow co-workers.

I have just finished my 2-year contract with my company and I badly want to go home now because of prior important engagements that had been set already for this week. I read from the Labour Law that the company has the right to extend the stay of the employee for 2weeks for clearance. Is this the norm? I mean if the company has the means to finish processing our clearance within the last month of the contract, can this 2 weeks extension period be avoided? As mandated by our company, I have submitted my Exit Letter, which they seem to refer to as Resignation Letter although it's not the case, 30 days prior to my end of contract. And since we are forced to extend our stay, what benefits can we receive? In my contract, besides my salary, I had supplementary allowance, food allowance, free accommodation and free transportation to and from work, as well as dental and medical benefits.

Thank you for enlightening me with this issue. More power to you! I just hope we found this site earlier. :)

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Yes, the company should finish the exit process prior to actual departure date or end date of the contract. It should be known to both parties within a reasonable time, say a month, whether or not the contract will be terminated or renewed.

You are entitled to receive end of service gratuity which should not be "less than a three-week wage for every year of employment".

Hope things get sorted so you can leave without any hassle. Good luck!


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