Kamal Mixed-use Development - Westbay

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Retail, office, residential and hotel

2,217,366 GSF/ 206,000 GSM

408m/ 79 Floors

Design Development

Client: Diafah Investment Company

Draped in white cladding in homage to the region's traditional thobe garment, the Kamal Mixed-Use Development will be a dynamic presence on the Persian Gulf in Doha, Qatar - a sculptural edifice at the water's edge.

The tower's widest facades are oriented to the north and the south. The narrowest facades are to the east and the west. Approaching the development from the waterside reveals the east facade's V-shaped tapering form.

An ellipse at its base, the tower rises 408 meters (1,339 feet) toward the sky where a monumentally scaled 37-story aperture in the tower's upper portion opens the building to the city beyond the sea below.

Like the tower's carved profile, the retail podium echoes the natural curves of the shoreline.

The Kamal Mixed-use Development contains retail, office, hotel and service apartments. With four stories above grade and five below, the podium houses shops, a parking garage, a ballroom and meeting rooms. The retail zone is oriented toward gulf views and connected to the beach on two levels.

A jetty extends from the site into the gulf allowing visitors to travel directly from Doha Airport to Kamal by boat. The podium creates an axis via a circulation corridor that links the shopping zone to the jetty and to the Doha Tower and Convention Center, which is currently under construction on a nearby parcel.

The tower's tapering shape provides larger floor plates suitable for offices on its lower levels and smaller floor plates appropriate for hotel and apartment layouts on its upper levels. A 77th-floor hotel sky lobby provides guests with breathtaking views of the gulf below.



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