India's cheating group Country Club in Qatar

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India's largest cheating network country club starting their business in Qatar. They have cheated many peoples in India find the link

In shopping malls, they will ask you fill your name and mobile number. Next day you will receive a call from them stating that you have selected for one week free holiday in India and we have small function in their office near Arab bank, there manager will give the gift voucher. If you go there, there will be well dressed guys who will speak in your language and try to cheat you in a well-organized way. Finally they will play some music and announce Mr.XYZ joined our country club and everybody will clap. The guys are well trained to trap you and get your credit card and complete the transaction. Finally they will give some gift voucher stating worth of 25,000/ INR. The will say, to use the free gift voucher you need to pay 4,000 as a tax. Finally if you check you need to pay around INR 7000 as a booking charge and 30% of the room value as tax. If you calculate you can get a cheaper price if you book without gift voucher. This is the story about the gift voucher.
For the country club membership they will brain wash for around 2 hours. And will give all the false promises. Finally after payment you will know real terms and conditions which will be entirely different. Samething they are doing around the world, you can find it in the above links. Please be aware of these frauds don’t go to them.

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In a country that has a lot of potential to attract people towards the travelling/tourism industry - one requires qualified, determined human resourcing of a certain standard and simple marketing strategies to manage an organisation that caters to the above. Unfortunately, the Qatar branch of Country Club clearly suffers in all aspects.

Happened to come across their advertisement for Job and following a phone call - the admin/marketing members started playing pranks on the phone. Still being patient enough to give another chance, visited their branch near the bank street. The office was filled with immature, unseasoned staff absolutely unaware of how to present themsleves and market their services. Even communicating in english was a problem. This clearly shows symptoms of an organisation that employes unqualified, unmotivated staff that are definitely underpaid;survives on one-time customer fees and is not dedicated to serve public effectively. This speaks of how the top level management also views this industry.

Oh yes, received the same call elaborating on the 'free gift voucher' and decided not to even venture into their office again for any presentation whatsoever. If scrutinised on the web, the maximum number of negative reviews about an organisation related to travel/tourism is for 'Country Club'. The number of people dissatisfied and angry are innumerous and growing.

Mr. Rajeev Reddy & Sons need to ramp up their brains and do a serious brainstorming before their organisation becomes short of being an actual 'Counttrry' Club.

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