I need more info on some activities...:)o

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I am very fortunate to have my Canadian family coming to visit me in Qatar this Christmas! I want to show them some really interesting local activities (aside from organized tours and typical tourist stuff)...maybe some a bit off from the typical beaten path. The activities I'm planning are more for myself and my younger cousins (late teens). Here is the list of what I'm thinking:

- Finding Desert Roses, Digging for Truffles (whatever it's actually called??)
- Sliding down the Singing Sand Dunes
- Snorkelling, maybe spearfishing if it's possible from shore
- Beach Trip (I was thinking Fuwairit?)
- Dune Buggies (I've rented by the hour before near Sealine...does anyone rent on a daily basis? Maybe with a trailer?)
- Crabbing? I've heard of people doing this but have no idea what it entails...
- Any other suggestions?

If anyone could provide some info as to where is best to go/how to do the above it would be greatly appreciated! (For example...how do we go about searching for truffles?)

Thanks! (:D